This Company is Now Selling Adventure-Ready Ram ProMasters

If you’re looking for a van that’s ready for adventure straight out of the box, Outdoorsy is the company you want to check out.

The brand just added the Ram ProMaster to its option list, which joins the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Outdoorsy describes its own services, saying ” the program will continue to give both individual owners and rental fleet managers factory-direct access — from purchase and financing to insurance, listing, and renting — all within the Outdoorsy marketplace to fulfill growing demand.”

That means that you buy the RV from the company, and then they will also help put you in contact with potential renters, allowing you to turn the purchase of the RV into an investment that will pay itself back overtime.

Prices are not listed on the brand’s website, but the new ProMaster options are likely less expensive than the Sprinter options. The company says that buyers can expect four to 12 weeks of waiting to get their full kitted out vehicle.

These vans feature fully outfitted kitchens, bathrooms, beds and more. Go visit for more information.