Meet Baja Bob – The Coolest New Off-Road Beetle Anywhere

TFLOffroad has its first official TFL project vehicle, and it’s probably not what you would expect.

Meet Baja Bob, a 2000 VW Beetle GLS that has already been fit with plenty of off-road gear. A set of BFGoodrich tires, off-road lights, skid plates and more already dress Bob up to get this Beetle ready for the trail. We paid $3000 for this kitted out Beetle, but there’s plenty more to spend.

We’re gonna outfit this Beetle from trunk to hatch with plenty of great off-road equipment, like a set of roof-mounted lights, a high-lift jack and even some mounted jerry cans.

This Beetle also has plenty of wear and tear on it, from yellowed headlights to peeling paint on the interior, so we will have to show Bob some love in those areas as well and try to make it a little more presentable.

Baja Bob is certainly not what you might call a conventional off-road machine, but we’re excited to dress up this Beetle and hit the trails. First stop will be Moab, Utah, and then we definitely want to take it to the dunes.

So watch the introduction video above and stay tuned to the channel for more build videos with Baja Bob.