Camp Off the Grid in this Clever Off-Road Capsule

Off-road trailers are becoming a popular option for overlanders everywhere, and if you want to spend some serious time in the wilderness, the Eco-Capsule could be for you.

This capsule isn’t the most spacious option, but it can produce its own electricity and power. A wind turbine on the roof gathers energy as long as the wind is blowing and solar panels fit to the roof do the same when the sun shines.

A rubber gutter system installed on the roof collects rain water, which is run through a UV filtration system to clean it for consumption. The Eco-Capsule can also be used as a remote medical facility or a mobile office, as the furniture installed inside can all be removed.

A small bathroom is included with a working toilet as well.

Now the Eco-Capsule isn’t exactly a trailer, as it doesn’t have its own set of wheels. In the near future, the company will be offering a trailer frame that fits underneath the pod, but for now, you must have the capsule lifted into place by either a helicopter, crane or another piece of heavy equipment.

All of this technology won’t come cheap though. The Eco-Capsule is $139,000 as it sits in the above video, though without some of the amenities inside, it would be a little cheaper.