This Loaded Off-Road Overland Trailer Costs $42,000: You Won’t Believe What All You Get! (Video)

Off-road capable trailers start at $7,200.

overkill boreas cvt overland off-road trailers
Overland off-road trailers: from mild to wild!

Overlanding is the new camping. All you need is a capable off-road vehicle and time to explorer. Actually, you may also need a capable off-road camping trailer. Here is a top 5 count down of all types of new off-road trailers that can help you on your next adventure.

Before we jump into it – “why should you consider an off-road camping trailer?” It’s a trailer that is capable of going most places your off-road truck or SUV can go. Once you get to that beautiful destination, then the trailer becomes your basecamp. You can get it all set up, unhook your truck, go explorer for the day, then simply return to your camp/trailer.

The trailers you see here are ordered by their type, complexity, and cost. The least expensive trailer is first, and the most expensive at the end. We filmed this video recently at the ToyoTires Trailpass event in Hood River, Oregon.

CVT Trailer

This is one of the most simple off-road trailers. It has a steel frame with a cargo compartment at its core. On top is a rack that houses a tent. CVT is known for their rooftop vehicle tents and other outdoor equipment.

A smaller trailer like this is relatively light weight and easy to tow on and off the beaten path. This trailer comes with Timbren independent off-road suspension, and all-terrain tires,.

A trailer like has a starting price of around $7,200. Take a look at CVT Trailer website for more information.

Sherpa Trailers

The Sherpa Trailer is a whole different type of off-road trailer. It’s a bit bigger and accommodates a queen-size mattress inside the trailer. This is still a small teardrop trailer, and you cannot stand up inside it. There are several places to store your belongings and cargo. There is a rack on top to mount additional items.

This type of trailer is still light weight, but it is longer and offers a little less clearance. It also offers Timbren axle-less off-road suspension. If you are looking for an insulated hard-shell to sleep in, then this is an option with a starting price of $12.800.

Take a look at Sherpa Trailers website, as they offer several different trailer shapes and options.

Overkill Campers T.K.4.7.

Here is a box trailer that is a little big bigger, and offers a big more off-road capability. The T.K.4.7. name stands for “Trail Killer 4×7”. The main cabin is 4 feet by 7 feet in size.

The entire passenger side of the trailer can be swung open to offer great access to the inside. There are storage compartments underneath the main section and in front (near the trailer tongue). The trailer tongue itself has a large notch built-in to it. The company says that it improves the “breakover” angle of the truck and trailer, and helps the pair roll over larger obstacles.

Naturally, there is a Timbren independent off-road suspension underneath. The starting price for a T.K.4.7. is $18,900 and there are many options that can bring the price well into the $20K range.

Check out all of the optional equipment at the Overkill Campers website.

ITWOverland Boreas XT

IntoTheWildOverland (ITWO) builds this Boreas XT camper that continues on the theme of the Sherpa and the T.K.4.7. It incorporates the sleeping compartment (which is also a queen-size mattress), and it includes the rest of the options all in one. The options include a welded rooftop rack, outdoor kitchen in the back with a space for a powered cooler, sink, and a two-burner stove. On the side, there is outdoor shower with instant hot water. On the inside, there is a propane-powered heater.

You may be tired of reading this, but the Boreas XT also offers Timbren off-road suspension. A trailer like this with all the options weighs in at just under 2,000 lbs.

A fully-equipped Boreas XT retails for about $27,500. Check them out at ITW Overland.

Overkill Campers S.O.5.10

If something like the Boreas XT is not quiet enough for you. You can go a step or twofurther with an Overkill Campers S.O.5.10. This is a larger trailer still. The S.O. stands for “Slide Out”. You may have already guessed that the main compartment is 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. Naturally, a manual slide-out expands the interior space in a big way.

A trailer like this starts at around $28,500, but a fully optioned trailer with an additional rooftop tent can reach about $42,000.

Check out the video below for all the details and pros/cons of each of these trailers.