Ford F-150, Ranger Get Factory Leveling Kit

Upcoming Ford customers and current owners alike will benefit from the latest Ford Performance Parts offering, a leveling kit for the F-150 and Ranger.

The dealer-installed kit includes new aluminum FOX shock bodies to help with cooling, new front coil-overs with optimal spring rates for tackling tough terrain, new vehicle-specific front mounts with polyurethane bushings and of course the lift in the front end, which is achieved thanks to that new suspension.

Kits can be purchased for four-wheel drive 2015 through 2019 F-150s and 2019 Rangers. New valving inside the shocks is the “secret sauce” according to Ford, allowing the truck to eat up whatever you point it at.

Adding the kit will bump up approach and breakover angles on both trucks, with the F-150’s approach improving by 22 percent while breakover is up by seven percent. That brings approach up to around 29 degrees and breakover up to about 28 degrees.

For the Ranger, approach is cranked up by 21 percent while breakover is up by 10 percent. That lands approach near 34 degrees and breakover around 27 degrees.

Pricing for the leveling kit comes in at $1,495 before dealer installation. Every kit is also covered by the Ford Performance Parts limited warranty.