Forbidden Fruit: These Are all the Amazing Australian Trucks We Can’t Buy – Video

On a recent trip to Australia, resident TFLTruck expert Andre Smirnov couldn’t help be impressed by all the pickups available down under that don’t come to US.

Toyota in particular has an entire lineup of pickups that they offer in Australia that aren’t sold states side, including the Land Cruiser 70 range. These trucks still have a simple, basic interior, and are meant to be work vehicles and little else.

Ford offers the Ranger in Australia, and it is similar to what we have in the US, but there are some package that we don’t get, like the Wildtrack X. This brings along off-road tires, a snorkel, new bumpers and more.

Volkswagen’s small pickup truck, the Amarok, has been rumoured to be coming to the US for years, but for now, you still have to leave the States to get one.

There are a ton more trucks that we spotted and fell in love with while in Australia, so make sure you watch the entire video above to see it for yourself.