Old Truck…New Trick! Can New Tires Breathe Life Into a Tired Truck? (Video)

Our 1985 Chevy K10, known across YouTube as Big Green, has once again been fit with an upgrade to make it not only more capable but also more livable day-to-day.

Cooper provided us with a set of 35-inch STT Pros for review, so we slapped them on the truck and hit the road. Big Green lives most of its life on city streets and going on peaceful Sunday drives, which is exactly why mud terrains or anything that aggressive was just overkill for this truck.

We went with the STT Pros because of their promised split personality, and the promises made by the brand all held up. Cooper describes these are their most “extreme all-season off-road tire,” but truly they live on the aggressive end of an all-terrain and the softer end of mud terrains. And the key is, they live in this space while also being quiet on paved roads and providing comfort when you’re just out for a Sunday cruise.

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We recently installed a four-inch suspension lift on Big Green as well from Skyjacker, which combined with the tires to go a long way towards making this truck a comfortable daily driver. At 35 psi (normal pressure), the STT Pros seemed to add a fair amount of extra give to the newly added suspension as well.

When you look at the tread pattern on the tire, you can also see this split personality with alternating inner lugs that go from two big lugs to three smaller ones. The big lugs look like an MT tire, while the three across appear like an all-terrain, giving you a mix of off-road grip and acceptable noise levels.