Don’t Miss These Gorgeous Jeep Photos from an Epic Australian Adventure

Heading on an overland adventure can be one of the most fun things you can do with your off-road vehicle, and a team of Jeeps that just finished crossing the Simpson Desert in Australia have some epic photos to prove it.

The expedition celebrates a similar trip made 50 years ago also by a pack of Jeeps, though it’s safe to say the technology has changed a little bit. Leaving from the most easterly point of Australia at Cape Byron, the team made the 6000-Kilometer journey to the most westerly point on the continent at Steep Point.

The team was led by Ben Davidson, publisher of Jeep Action Magazine, and American journalist Chris Collard. The original men to undertake the trip 50 years ago, Ian McDonald and John Eggleston, also joined for a portion of the journey.

The convoy consisted of five Jeeps, ranging from a 1996 TJ to a JL Overland, and one of their first hurdles was the 900km Simpson desert. All of the Jeeps were fit with BFGoodrich KM3 tires, Warn winches and Dometic fridges to keep their beverages cold, a luxury the original crew did not have.

Most travellers to the Simpson desert use the QAA and French Lines, well established two-track routes, but this expedition went with the Seven Slot Line to follow in the original convoy’s footsteps. The team crossed over 700 sand dunes and thick spinifex, a section that could only be crossed at an average speed of 5 km/h.

Next was Palm Valley and Finke Gorge National Park, coming before the team tackles Boggy conditions to get to Ulura and Kata Tjuta. Western Australia becomes very desolate, and the crew had to source fuel from Tjukayirla, the most remote fuelling station in the country.

The team eventually made it to there destination on the cliffs of Steep Point, and they brought some amazing photographs home with them. Check out the gallery below.