The Jeep Scrambler Has Been Reinvented for the Modern World – Watch Us Drive it Here

When you think of the most recent Jeep pickup trucks, the Scrambler comes to mind right away, and the brand is paying homage to the model with a new Gladiator concept.

The Scrambler Concept is truly only concept graphics, but the looks are what makes this Jeep special. The Nacho and Pumpkin colored graphics run the length of the truck, while a custom bar in the bed is fitted that adds tie-downs and acts as a mount for lights.

The wheels on this ride are production, though the color is not. Jeep playfully calls it Gorange. Wrapped around the wheels are a set of 37-inch tires. The interior features more Scrambler badging along with custom gold and orange stitching.

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The rest of Scrambler’s equipment is all gear that can be purchased from either Jeep or Mopar, including things like the 2-inch lift kit and front-mounted lights.

Jeep says that it doesn’t plan to build the Scrambler, though offering graphics like this on a Gladiator is certainly something they could do. So if you like the way this truck look, let Jeep know it in the comments section below and maybe you’ll see something like this hit production.