The Jeep Gravity Concept: Free Solo in Something You can Build! [Video]

The coolest thing about the Jeep Gravity Concept is that it’s basically a concept Jeep Gladiator that you can build today. Nearly every part is available through Jeep Performance Parts and even its color,
Punk’N Metallic Orange, can be ordered.

More than a rolling JPP catalog, the Jeep Gravity Concept was inspired by a movie. The 2018 film Free Solo. This is an award winning documentary film produced by Itinerant Films and National Geographic. It features free climbing soloist Alex Honnold’s climb up El Capitan.

The climbing graphics are unique to the Jeep Gravity concept.
Photo: TFLoffroad

Paying homage to the film, the Jeep designer added climbers silhouetted on each side of the concept. One man, one woman – each hanging off a cliff. Those graphics are not available in the JPP catalogue.

The rest of the vehicle is fairly straightforward:

  • It has JPP’s two-inch round steel tube doors
  • A two-inch JPP lift
  • 37-inch tires on 17-inch JPP wheels A mesh sunbonnet
  • A JPP performance intake system
  • Mopar cross rails with a cargo carrying basket in the bed
  • A Mopar-equipped truck bed storage system has lockable dual sliding drawers
Filming during the 2019 Easter Jeep Safari press day. Many of us liked the way the theme of the concept worked. Photo: TFLoffroad

There are other accessories as well. The overall look is open-air adventure, especially with the windshield folded down. This setup also makes it much lighter than the other concepts, making it lighter on its toes and better handling.

You can read more about the Jeep concepts (here).

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