Yamaha Tenere 700 Gets Special Online-Only Price for a Limited Time

Yamaha has announced European pricing and US timing details for its new Tenere 700 adventure touring motorcycle.

The highly anticipated bike will hit European streets and trails in 2019, while it will arrive in the US in 2020. The bike is set to cost 9,299 Euros, which currently equated to about $10,500.

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There is a caveat with the price though. Until July 31, European buyers will have to order the bike online, and the price listed is specifically for online buyers. So after the end of July, the sticker price will go up to 9,699 Euros.

There’s no word on whether this online-only price will also transfer over to the US, and the bike will only be sold in a single color in the States: Ceramic Ice. European riders have three color choices.

Powering the Tenere 700 is a 689cc parallel twin-cylinder making 72 horsepower, and preparing the bike for harsh condition are the upside-down coil-spring forks and adjustable rear link suspension. We weight on the bike is 452 pounds and it will come with ABS, though the braking system can be deactivated for off-road use.