Watch Us Go 4×4 Hunting in Moab

On a Wednesday in January, you wouldn’t expect to see many people out in cold, open-air Jeeps and 4×4 trucks searching for adventure.

But a January Wednesday in Moab, Utah isn’t like a Wednesday anywhere else. On just such a day, we spotted about every iconic 4×4 you can name, from Bronco to Land Cruiser. And of course, we had our cameras rolling!

Honda brought us out to Moab on this particular Wednesday to drive its new Passport midsize SUV, using the backdrop of Moab to sell the slightly more rugged stance and mission of the Passport over the larger Pilot. You can watch my full review over on TFLCar when it drops on Tuesday, Jan.29.

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So given some free time with a Passport and access to Moab, we began scouring the streets looking for the coolest vehicle we could spot, and trying to talk to owners.

The first rig we found was a great looking Mercedes Sprinter with a slight lift, FOX suspension and a custom interior fit for some serious overlanding and camping.

We tried to find some other owners, and when we couldn’t find anyone else, we went into Navtech Expeditions in Moab to find out about their awesome looking 80-series Land Cruisers parked out front. Each with its own name, three-inch lift, tires and roof racks, these beauties have been tackling the rocks of Moab for years now.

This truly is an off-road playground and one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in the United States. If you get the chance to go, make sure you take it.