Reviewed: 2019 Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO

Yamaha has reworked its luxury lineup of FX models for 2019, and we took a new FX Cruiser SVHO to the lake to sample the changes. 

Easily the biggest addition to the FX Cruiser lineup for 2019 is the all-new Connext touchscreen display, nestled in above the handlebars. It’s controllable by a button beneath the handlebars which allows you to quickly scroll through the menus, or by leaning forward and touching the screen with a finger.

From the screen you can monitor the Waverunner’s speed, fuel consumption, maintenance schedule and more, while a speed control mode allows you to set the top speed and adjust the acceleration. You can even change the color of the touchscreen to suit your own tastes. And best of all, glare from the sun is minimal and the screen stays crisp at all angles.

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Plenty of other thoughtful touches have arrived for the FX as well, including a larger rear deck, a redesigned boarding step and new footwell drain holes.

One of the things that hasn’t changed is the powertrain, and that’s entirely alright. The SVHO still uses the largest displacement engine in a PWC, it’s a 1812CC four-cylinder supercharged engine producing 250 horsepower. All that power absolutely rockets this machine off the line, with the power staying strong all the way up to the 69 mph top speed.

Throttle weighting is fairly heavy and travel for the throttle lever feels long, allowing you to have precise control over how much power the engine is giving off.

For 2019, the FX Cruiser has been made lighter once again, coming in with a dry weight of 820 pounds. Weight rating on this model sits at 530 lbs and it is meant for up to three passengers.

Stability in the water is another strong suit of the redesigned FX hull, though it can still bite when it needs to. Throw it into a corner and the FX feels solid and never wants to spin out, even when you mash the throttle in mid corner. Sitting at 50-inches wide, the FX feels substantial around you as you ride and cuts through big waves and chop easily.

It’s size and weight will always make the FX feel like a big cruiser, more Harley-Davidson Fat Boy than Suzuki RM-Z250, but if you want handling thrills, there is plenty of bite here to return a day of fun.

And did we mention just how damn fast this thing is? No? Well, the acceleration is addictive and the speed is incredible. Watch the video above to see it for yourself!