You Can Pre-Order Dust 2 Glory on DVD Right Now

If you’re into off-road racing in Mexico, than you’ll be happy to hear that Dust 2 Glory, the latest documentary all about racing south of the border, is available now for pre-order. 

The original Dust to Glory was released back in 2005, directed and put together by acclaimed action-sports film maker Dana Brown. Brown went back to Baja in 2015 to document the entire four-race World Desert Championship, and filming took place over 18 months.

“Dust 2 GLORY has been a two-year labor of love,” said Dana Brown. “Getting the chance to return to Baja – and to chronicle an entire SCORE season and the racers – has been the best filmmaking experience of my life. This is the story of the off-road racing family and Baja that I have always wanted to tell.”

The official release date for Dust 2 Glory is September 18, but pre-orders for the DVD or Blue-ray can be placed now on the SCORE website. A special edition two-disc DVD is available as well, including a documentary on the origins of Baja racing.

“SCORE is honored, humbled and proud to be caretakers of the SCORE Baja 1000 – an international motorsports treasure,” said Roger Norman, SCORE CEO/president. “We were awed by the original ‘Dust to Glory’ that showcased the SCORE Baja 1000 and we know we will be amazed at the new ‘Dust 2 Glory’ that will spotlight the entire four-race SCORE World Desert Championship. This sport documentary will provide a unique, personal, in-depth look at the action, pride, passion and pageantry of the events, the competitors and the mysterious, magnificent and majestic Baja peninsula.”