What is Your Favorite Side-by-Side Machine: Polaris, Can-am, Kawasaki, or ? (Poll)

your favorite side-by-side

Which utility side-by-side is your favorite and why? We are working hard to bring you the latest reviews and information about all powersports machines. The utility side-by-side segment is one of our favorites because it combines off-road fun with the ability of doing useful hauling and towing work.

We want to hear more from you about what your favorite work and play machine is. Please use the poll below to let us know your preference, and please use the comments section to let us know why you like one brand over the other.

We chose the brands for the poll that are more mainstream and reputable. If we left out a brand you think should be on this list, then also please let us know.

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Here are the Top 5 most affordable mainstream side-by-sides out there.