2019 Can-Am Maverick Sport Review – Video

Can-Am is still working hard to make sure it plays in every possible segment, and the brand’s latest offering is the 2019 Maverick Sport. 

The Maverick Sport plays in the 60-inch wide segment, with the Polaris RZR 900 providing its most staunch competition. Can-Am has fit the sport into the lineup between the big bruiser Maverick X3 and the 50-inch wide Maverick Trail. This mid-width segment has a good mix of trail ability as well as stability in large open terrain, and provides plenty of driver comfort. The Sport is 119-inches long and 71.1-inches tall, but the measurement that really makes it stand out is the 90.6-inch long wheelbase.

The Maverick Sport’s wheelbase is over 10-inches longer than that found on the RZR 900, and the result is a smooth ride that doesn’t have any hard front-to-back bucking. Whoops and ruts feel less abrupt thanks to the spread of the wheels as well, but there are some downsides. The breakover angle here is slightly compromised, which means you can high-side the vehicles easier, and when riding in tight spots, it can be easy to hook the real wheel on the trees.

Ground clearance stands at a full 12 inches, while suspension travel clocks in at 11.5 inches in the front and 12 in the rear.

Can-Am calls its interior the Ergo-Lok cockpit, and in this 60-inch wide configuration it is quite spacious. Storage available totals 5.3 US Gallons (20.2 liters) and is made up of a small bin in front of the steering wheels, a large glovebox, a small cutout in the center of the dash for loose things and of course, a cargo bed (which doesn’t dump).

Power is provided by a 976 CC V-twin engine which makes 75 horsepower in the base model, and 100 hp in the Maverick Sport 1000R. That upgraded R model also gets additional cooling for the CVT to make sure the belt durability is top notch.

On paper, that 25 hp might not sound like much, but in the real world, it feels like a lot. The 1000R is very controllable with the throttle and can really hang the back end out. It likes to rotate coming through tight corners, and then can power out of them with authority.

Pricing for the new Maverick Sport begins at $14,699 ($17,899 CAD) for the non-DPS model, which is the most basic unit with no power steering. The Maverick Sport DPS starts at $16,499 ($20,099 CAD), while the top-dog 1000R sells for $17,999 ($21,899 CAD). And that $1,500 bump up to the 100-hp unit is totally worth it. Trust us.

If you want more thoughts on the new Maverick Sport, you’ll have to watch the video above.