Here are the Coolest Products from the 2018 Denver Outdoor Retailer Expo (Video)

2018 outdoor show
2018 Outdoor show

The 2018 Denver Outdoor Retailer Expo is one of the largest gatherings of outdoor-themed equipment retailers in the United States. Hundreds of popular name brands like Thule, Yakima, Colman, Merrill, Patagonia and upcoming brands like Garage Smart, Sherpa Adventure Gear and Osage River gear (along with many others) crammed every square inch of space at the Denver Convention Center this week. Seriously, even the hallways outside of the main show spaces were packed.

The outdoor industry is thriving right now and brand awareness is paramount. This is an industry event. The 2018 Denver Outdoor Retailer is not open to the public. Covering this event allows us to get an idea of what’s hot for the outdoor-lifestyle community, which is part of TFL Off-Road‘s world as well. is working on additional content that not only connects you to the world of off-roading, we’re working on bringing the reader closer to the products and people who benefit the outdoor lifestyle – which truly is part of the off-road world.

In this video, we swing by a few notable booths to get a closer look. We all need to store our gear. We saw a demo of powered garage storage system that help lift bulky and heavy items up to the ceiling. There were powered skateboards, sunglasses, customized Mercedes vans, UTVs, Jeeps, and pickup truck hitch and rack accessories.

While the accessories, clothing and gimmicks from the 2018 Denver Outdoor Retailer Expo were rather eye-opening, it was the enormity of the whole event that truly shocked us. This industry is much larger than we expected and some of the numbers from this event are pretty close to massive events like SEMA and CES. Now that we know what to expect next year, we’ll be better equipped to investigate what’s hot for off-roading.

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