Harley-Davidson Takes to the Dirt with the Pan America (News)

Harley-Davidson plans a new middleweight adventure motorcycle to take on the off-road competition.

Harley-Davidson Pan America concept
Harley Davidson Pan America concept. [Photo: Harley-Davidson]

Harley-Davidson aims to bring in new customers with three new concept motorcycles.

In the world of motorcycles – just as with any other vehicle – innovation is key. No longer can companies just get by doing the same thing, year after year. Companies like Harley-Davidson need to move into new markets, and attract new customers, if they want to survive. Case in point, they’ve announced smaller, more versatile bikes will join their lineup in the coming years. According to the announcement, the move is part of a larger plan to move new customers into the brand and increase their market share.

At the moment, Harley-Davidson is planning three new bikes to show off the flexibility of its new platform. One is a 975cc streetfighter bike, while another is a 1250cc custom cruiser. However, one of the most interesting – at least as far as the crew at TFLoffroad are concerned – is the 1250cc Pan America. All of Harley-Davidson’s new middleweight bikes will head to production by 2020.

Harley-Davidson bills the Pan America as an “Adventure Touring” motorcycle. It sports some meaty off-road tires, skid plates and a healthy dose of ground clearance. The company hasn’t released any further specs on the bike yet. However, it’s likely this will compete with the likes of the Triumph Tiger, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, and the BMW GS series.

Harley-Davidson president and CEO Matt Levatich claims today’s announcement takes the company in a new direction. “We expect this plan will result in an engaged, expanded Harley-Davidson community with a more diverse rider base.” We’ll provide more information on the Pan America and Harley-Davidson’s other plans when it’s available. Stay tuned to TFLoffroad.com for more updates!