2018 Can-Am Outlander, Renegade Recalled Over Spraying Fuel

Can-Am is recalling both the 2018 Outlander and Renegade ATV over an issue that can cause fuel to spray out when the fuel cap is taken off. 

The problem is a blocked vent that allows excess pressure to build up in the tank, causing fuel to spray out when the cap is removed. Can-Am is asking owners to avoid using their vehicles at all until the fix can be applied.

If you do use your vehicle, Can-Am reccomends following these steps:

  • Let the vehicle cool down for a 4-hour period.
  • Slowly open fuel cap ¼ to ½ turn maximum to release any remaining pressure.
  • Wait 1 full minute.
  • Open fuel cap.
  • Do not fill the fuel tank to more than ¾ of its full capacity.

To fix the issue, contact your local Can-Am dealer and the service will be performed free of charge. It requires corrective action on the fuel tank vent line and should take less than an hour. Can-Am also notes that this service will be performed for units with aftermarket equipment on them, so don’t worry about any modifications voiding the recall.

To find out if your unit is affected, have your VIN ready and contact your authorized Can-Am dealer or BRP at 1-888-272-9222 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern time 7 days a week.